Snacks by the Scoop / pub mix     $2/scoop

Hummus Platter / house made hummus and fresh veggies     $8

6-Pack Snack Plate / grilled artichoke hearts, roasted tomatoes, cipolline onions, Greek olive mix, cornichons, spicy pickled brussel sprouts     $12

Warm Village Bakery Pretzel / house-made beer cheese, mustard   $7

Foccacia Pizza Margherita / black truffle burrata, roasted tomatoes, pesto, fresh basil  $11



Virginia Peanut Soup  $6 / $9

Winter Salad / mixed greens, Lamb Chopper cheese, house-made vinaigrette $8

Candied Pecan and Apple Salad / mixed greens, Lamb Chopper cheese, candied pecans, McIntosh apples, house-made roasted red tomato vinaigrette $10

Caprese Salad / fresh mozzarella, roasted red tomatoes, local basil, balsamic drizzle $9



Florentine / roasted red tomatoes, feta cheese, spinach     $7

Classic Lorraine / grueyere cheese and bacon     $7



Locust “Groove” / Prosciutto, Lamb Chopper cheese, smoked duck breast, cipolline onions, sour cherry spread     $17

“Wilder-mess” / Sopressata salami, Prosciutto, Hot Coppa salami, Jefferson aged cheddar, local honey     $16

Totally Cheesy / Jeff’s Select Gouda, Jefferson aged Cheddar, double cream brie, sour cherry spread     $15


served with choice of side

RWBB Grilled Cheese /Choice of Cheddar, Gruyere, or Jeff’s Select Gouda     $8
Add bacon or prosciutto $2

Bleu & Brew Grilled Cheese / Rogue Creamery smoky bleu cheese and bacon $12

Italian Meats Sandwich / Prosciutto, Sopressata salami, Toscano salami, Jefferson aged cheddar, mixed greens, house made vinaigrette   $11

Roasted Turkey Panini / double cream brie, sour cherry spread, mixed greens on Village Bakery herbed Foccacia    $11

RWBB Burger / Carrington Farms beef, candied bacon, Midnight Moon cheese, roasted red tomatoes, mixed greens, Michael’s mustard, red sauce on Village Bakery brioche roll  $13

Mushroom Gruyere Cheese Burger / Carrington Farms beef, roasted red tomatoes, mixed greens, mayonnaise on Village Bakery brioche roll   $15